Soar Into Your Dreams

Transformational Coach Bloomington, MN

OMG, I was #1. I was there, of a bit of a whim. That’s what I told myself. I was curious. I’d asked for more information and was invited to a day of just that. An interview was not guaranteed. It began at 7 am on September 21, 2015. Four years ago. What was I doing?

Well, I really did want this interview, and was finally admitting it to myself. And a part of me really needed this job. It would take care of my health insurance, help with my expenses for a course I was taking and there were other benefits. Only a few people knew what I was up. And, OMG, I was #1. And that meant first in line. First for everything, yes EVERYTHING. 

First to stand up in front of a room of total strangers, introduce myself and tell a story of an experience I’d had to the whole group, First to be measured for my height, my arm span and would I fit in the chair? And then the wait! The hours of waiting to see if I qualified for the interview later in the day. I was 58. What was I thinking? I’d wanted this since I was a child. Was the time right?

My parents were needing more and more of my assistance and attention, as they were both in their late 80’s. I was involved with two music performance groups and had several huge volunteer commitments. I was also working with my coaching clients and building my coaching business. How could I make this happen? Something had to go. Letting go can be very messy, and it doesn’t have to be.  Stepping back from my commitments was both messy and easy, once I got very clear on what it was that I really wanted and needed. 

In the midst of a personal place of emotional chaos, I knew that I had to ask for support from someone who I knew would see this from all perspectives and allow and hold space for me to process this huge change that was inevitable, rocking my world and would have impact on the lives of others. (This was my processing and exploration before the interview.)  And, yes, I made it to the interview phase. The interview went well. I passed the medical and background check. I was on my way to training. I was going to become a flight attendant. What was I thinking? 

All of the thoughts anyone could possibly have said or asked about what I wanted and why I was doing this, went through my head. What about your other commitments? You’re too old. You have to be in shape to do that! Why now? You could be doing so many other (more important) things. Really? You want to be a glorified waitress? Your parents need you! And in that moment, I knew I needed and had to embrace this adventure fully. And I did! I soared into my dream!

It was the Autumnal Equinox, had the stars aligned to support me? What I know was that I had dreamt it, I could see it as a possibility, I kept hold of the possibility and kept asking, the right questions… “who was hiring?”  and when the answers aligned with my desire, I took action, and continued to take the required steps to get me to my dream.  I also kept my plan close to my chest. Only when I knew I’d be graduating did I share this with my children and my parents. Who were surprised, but not shocked. Brian, my partner, my son, my mom and a couple of close friends were there to witness my receiving my wings. It was a day I will never forget.

I’m no longer flying as a flight attendant. I do fly for work and for pleasure. I love to travel to new vistas and I love flying, looking at the clouds, or the lights of a city at night, the mountains and the beautiful land formations below fill me with such gratitude for our planet.  My appreciation for the women and men who see that my flights are safe and enjoyable is huge. What I know now, is that dreams do come true and you can fly as high as you can imagine. 

Is it time for you to take your unfulfilled dreams off the shelf and activate them? I work with individuals to do just that. Let’s work together so that you, too, can soar into your dreams!