Conjure Your Most Magical Life

Transform your lost dreams into your LifeForce driven passion and purpose

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Let's Reclaim Your Magic Together

Stop settling for the life you fell into and reclaim the life of your dreams. Together, we can redesign your most magical life by reconnecting with your heart and soul and tapping into your creative gifts and talents. Around here, we call that activating your LifeForce. If you’re ready to reconnect with your lost dreams and experience magic in your everyday life, then you’re in the right place.

Let's co-create what you need to live inspired by possibilities. If you've been asking yourself these questions, I can help.

  • Are you living your most authentic life?
  • Do you dream of opportunities and want to make them real?
  • Are your relationships working for you?
  • Is your team connected and inspired?
  • Are you ready to get moving in the direction of purpose, success and more fun?

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Meet Nancy Jamieson

The word anam cara is ancient Celtic for “soul friend.” As an Anam Cara, my calling is to connect as a co-active coach and be present for you as you rediscover lost dreams and desires and turn them into your present passions and purpose

"Nancy is a coach with depth, compassion, and wisdom. She brings her enthusiasm for life and shines her light and joy into her work. I highly recommend working with her. " -Jill W.

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Transformational Coach Bloomington, MN
Transformational Coach Bloomington, MN
Transformational Coach Bloomington, MN